Hurricane Harvey Clean-Up Underway in Houston, TX


I was booked in Katy, TX today, so I dropped by a Houston neighborhood to get some images of the ongoing cleanup.  

Houses stand where homes once were.  Remnants of dirty water mark the brick and wood of their exteriors, scars reflecting the depth of the flood.  Yards are littered with debris.  There are literal mountains of ruined belongings stacked taller than I.  Immediately, I am struck with the magnitude of what occurred here just a few short days ago.  As I walk along the streets, I witness actual lives flipped inside-out.  

Large trucks are moving in and out, quickly removing destroyed cars.  People are walking about passing out food and water.  I begin to notice smiling faces amid the devastation, and I think to myself how silly I am.  These structures may have been flipped inside-out, but these people are holding fast.  They are coming together, strangers and neighbors coalescing into family.  

I'm proud of the folks in my state, though my prayers are also with those in the path of Irma today.  There will surely be many more months, if not years, of reconstruction across the many states affected.  If you haven't already donated your prayers, time, or money-please do so today.    

All images copyright Joshua W Helms, 2017.