Bastrop Music Festival Highlight Video & Sony A7iii Testing

Interested in photos from the festival?  You'll find them here.  This video was shot for testing purposes with the new Sony A7iii. I was testing profiles, low light settings, focus, etc, and did not plan to edit. After having a few folks interested in seeing the footage, I decided to do a quick edit. The grading is a mess! Multiple venues, multiple lighting setups (stage lighting changing every few seconds), you know the drill. So, that being said, it's thrown together rather quickly. I decided to post to YouTube because I know that there's been a lot of interest in the new A73 and how it handles low light video. Hopefully, you can get an idea of what a Canon user can shoot with a Sony camera after only holding it for a few minutes lol. May or may not be a good thing :P

Highlights / recap of the Bastrop Music Festival from May of 2018. Artists featured include: Charley Crockett / Donovan Keith / Graham Wilkinson / The Lonesome Heroes / Tejas Brothers / Zac Wilkerson / Zach Nytomt / others.

The inaugural festival took place in downtown Bastrop, Texas at various venues including Neighbor's Restaurant & Bar / Viejo's / Old Town Restaurant & Bar / The Yard / others.